I worked for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for a few years and loved it. Even though I’m not with the SBDC any more, I can’t help but share in the celebration of National SBDC Day.

National SBDC Day

America’s Small Business Development Centers (PRNewsFoto/America’s SBDC)

SBDC Purpose

Small Business Development Centers are an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs looking to launch or grow their small business. Congress created SBDC in 1953. SBDCs are branches the Small Business Administration (SBA) and usually housed by public colleges or universities. Best of all, SBDCs provide a variety of free and low-cost services designed to help entrepreneurs succeed. You’ll find many provide mentoring and training programs, market research tools, financial resources and more.

No matter what stage of your business, your SBDC has expertise and resources to help you reach your goals. This may include pre-startup planning (one of my favorite area), growth and/or expansion services. If you need assistance with developing a business plan or understanding financing options available to you, I wouldn’t hesitate to stop by. You’ll find someone willing to lend their knowledge and experience.

SBDC Staff and Training

It seems odd shamelessly promote the SBDC, since I’ve offered similar services at one time. However, I was once an SBDC business advisor. It’s where I gained quite a bit of my own knowledge that I share here. Even I’ve returned to tap into the resources at the SBDC.

In addition to one-on-one consultation services designed specifically for each individual entrepreneur, SBDC centers often hold workshops throughout the year. You might find additional guidance on topics like marketing strategies or utilizing digital tools for new products/services. I, myself, gave workshops on launching a website and signing businesses up for google. My colleague gave workshops on QuickBooks. I even sat in his class to build my skills.

The staff at these centers also stay up-to-date with federal regulations pertaining to small businesses. This allows them to accurately advise entrepreneurs on how best to protect themselves legally while operating their ventures. What they don’t know, the knowledge is usually just a phone call away.

Celebrate National SBDC Day

At its core, SBDCs exist solely for the purpose of empowering individuals who want start something new or take their existing businesses further than ever before. This is why we’re celebrating National SBDC today! To be honest, I almost feel like it’s more of a celebration of those who’ve been supported by the SBDC rather than the SBDC. The clients are the ones who truly benefit and why we have this celebration day.

Small businesses are essential for our nation’s economy. You know how I feel. Small businesses are the backbone of America. They provide jobs and help create much needed tax revenue that is used in cities and towns across America. Unfortunately, starting small business can be difficult due to the high cost of entry and lack of knowledge about how to start operations. That’s where SBDCs come in. They bridge the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and successful business owners by providing free or low-cost training, consulting services, financial resources, market research tools, education programs and more.

In honor of National SBDC Day I urge everyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit or dreams of owning their own business one day to seek out local SBDC centers near them! The knowledgeable staff at these centers are always willing to help aspiring entrepreneurs get started with no strings attached. Truly, it’s no strings attached… just good old fashioned advice from those that know. From understanding what steps you need to take before launch day arrives all way through marketing strategies for growth once you open your doors. Local SBDC Centers have you covered every step along your journey as a business owner so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Conclusion for National SBDC Day

As the United States celebrates National SBDC Day, it is a time to reflect on the importance of these community-based organizations. As I mentioned, SBDCs provide vital resources and support to entrepreneurs, helping them take their businesses from idea to success.


The celebration of National SBDC Day serves as a reminder that although starting a new venture can be daunting, there are people ready to help lighten the load throughout your journey towards success!