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Providing coaching and consulting services for business women, so they can have the business they’ve dreamed of having while also enjoying life outside of work.

Backbone America Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

To increase the number of successful businesses owned by Women through coaching and consulting.


Creating an America that provides equal opportunities to all entrepreneurs.


Backbone America’s values are outlined in the REVEAL Coaching Model, which stands for Responsibility, Empowerment, Values, Engagement, Awareness, and Learning.

The Why

Small businesses are the backbone of America and Women play a significant role in making this country great. Over the last few decades, Women have seen a great increase in startup businesses. Between 2007 and 2016, Women-Owned Businesses increased by 45%. This equates to about 714 new Women-Owned Businesses opened daily.

A Few Statistics about Business Women

  • Own 11.3 Million business
  • Open an average of 714 new businesses daily
  • Employee 8,976,100 workers
  • Generate $1.6 trillion in revenue
  • Own 36% of American Businesses

Despite the great strides Women are making in businesses, we still have a long way to go. Our firms employ 8.1 employees per business in comparison to male-owned firms at 12.3 employees. Our employees are paid less, and we generate fewer sales ($144 K for women-owned businesses compared to $638 K for male-owned businesses).

The How

Running a business is not a one-woman job. It’s full of obstacles that aren’t always easy to navigate. Having a Coaching Consultant on your side can help you overcome those challenges, so you can elevate your business to where you want it to be.

You’ll find companies like Nike, Verizon, and Coca-Cola finding value in coaching and investing in these services to improve employee performance and company profitability. You’re an entrepreneur for a reason. Give your company the greatest chance of success by investing in yourself and your business.

As a Business Coaching Consultant, I can:

  • Help you develop a clear vision for your company, so you can focus on positive outcomes rather than distractions that hinder your progress
  • Help you brainstorm ideas, so you can find solutions based upon your ideas
  • Be your sounding board, and ask the questions that REVEAL your deep rooted values
  • Be your accountability partner, so you can achieve what you set out to accomplish
  • Provide guidance and business resources, accumulated from my years of experience in Small Business Development

As your Business Coaching Consultant, I am committed to being 100% present for you in our sessions, so you can achieve the most our of our relationship.

Learn more about my REVEAL Coaching Model.