Working from home is an attractive option for a lot of people looking to earn extra income or even starting a new career. Statistics show that 3.9 million Americans, including freelancers, work remotely for at least half the week as at December 2017. This is a whopping 115% increase from 2005. Starting a business from home requires a lot of planning, research, and discipline. These 8 steps will show you how to start a home-based business.

Examine Your Talents

The first step to starting a home-based business is to decide on what type of business you want to venture into. You have to begin by critically evaluating your talents. Think of your talents as things you excel at naturally, the things that you do better than anyone else. For instance, you could be naturally creative or have a knack for communicating with people. It is also very important that it is something you enjoy doing. Evaluating your talents includes conducting a self-examination to ensure that you have the character and the perseverance to run a business from home. Working from home means you will be spending a lot of time on your business. Therefore, you have to be motivated and also possess the ability to deal with uncertainties.

Evaluate Your Skills

Your skills refer to the things you can do. They include the professional or managerial expertise that you have developed with time. To become a successful home-based entrepreneur, it is important to recognize the skills you need to improve or develop. Some useful business skills involve marketing, good customer service, financial management amongst others. Visit the resource library and take some time to do a quick inventory of your skills and see how you can maximize your strengths. Having the necessary skills constitute the foundation of a successful business enterprise.

Put Together A List of Business Ideas

After critically assessing your skills and talents, the next question should be what business venture can I start with my skills and talents? Coming up with business ideas is not an easy process. It often requires a lot of experimentation to arrive at the best business venture. I have noticed that the best way to generate business ideas is by making a long list of things you might enjoy doing. Then evaluate the potential of each one. We have put together a list of work-from-home careers you can start today. While generating ideas, it is important that you research small business opportunities that you love. If you are having problems getting started, there are several sources on the internet where you can get ideas. With time you’d realize that the list is endless and there are several ways to generate income while working from the comfort of your home

Conduct A Feasibility Studies on Your Business Ideas

Open sign - Home-Based BusinessNow it’s time to see if your business ideas pass the home business test. It is important to note that not all of your business ideas would work well as a home-based business. For instance, you are not going to be able to operate a manufacturing business from home, neither can you deal with a lot of clients while working from home. There are some conditions that each business idea must fulfill before they can be considered a home-based idea. At this juncture, you need to tick off any business idea that fails the home-based test. Now that you must have cut down on your list of business ideas, you need to pay attention to the next few steps. I will be showing you how to set up your business and begin operations

Determine the Profitability

Regardless of how talented or skillful you are, if people aren’t interested in paying for your product or services, then that particular business might not succeed. You have to ask yourself, how profitable is this venture? How much are people willing to pay for my services?

A lot of people project huge profit margins until they actually take out time to calculate their profits. Be careful to consider how much return you hope to get on your investment before starting up. Profits are the soul of any business and without sufficient profit, you might not be able to sustain your business. If your business is going provide a large chunk of your income, then you have to take researching profitability very seriously. Get back to your list of business ideas and critically evaluate the potential of each in profit terms. Cross off any ideas that do not meet your expectations in terms of revenue.

Construct A Plan for Your Home-Based Business

Business Plan - home-based business

A business plan is drawn to give your business a structure. Drawing out a plan for your business helps you to think of certain things that had not crossed your mind when coming up with the business idea. A lot of prospective entrepreneurs think they only need a solid business plan when they are looking to get a loan. Whereas, a business plan helps you determine your chances of operating a successful business and also calculate the amount of capital needed to start the business.  In the simplest form of it, a business plan should contain the following information:

  • A detailed description of your business values, goals, market and also the things that distinguish you from the competition.
  • A comprehensive list of the products and services you offer.
  • Market strategy and analysis of your competitors
  • Your company’s marketing strategy
  • If your business plan does not give you a comfortable level of viability, you should archive it and go for another idea.

Invest in Your Business

Before you begin operations, there are certain aspects of your home-based business that you have to invest in. For instance, if you are running an online store, you will have to invest in a good computer and better internet. Based on the type of business you are running, you might have to upgrade your business facilities and infrastructure to satisfy your business needs.


Launch Your Business

With everything in place, now you are ready to launch your business and receive your first set of orders. You could start with friends and family. Make sure to get feedback from your customers and act on them. Then you can gradually extend your business to other clients. After launching your business, you have to start building a trustworthy customer base. The first step to building a trustworthy customer base is bringing in customers. This is where marketing comes in. For online businesses, you will have to run adverts on other platform and this might require the services of a digital marketing professional.