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Backbone America has adopted the REVEAL Coaching Model.

The REVEAL Coaching Model focuses on client enlightenment, as becoming in tuned with our true selves allows us to achieve a more fulfilling life and interact more productively with those around us.

RResponsibility – We are responsible for our thoughts and actions. As such, claiming responsibility puts us in control of our lives. This does not suggest we are unaffected by our environment. Rather it means that in spite of the circumstances and situations we encounter, we have choices and are responsible for outcomes based upon our choices. The REVEAL Coach works with the clients to explore areas of their life where they can take actions or modify their perspective, in order to pursue a path which leads to fulfillment.

EEmpowerment – Personal change happens when we empower ourselves. Though we can be empowered by external sources, that type of empowerment means nothing if we don’t claim ownership. Recognizing we have the ability to empower ourselves is the most powerful form of liberation, allowing us to be free to choose our own direction. The REVEAL Coach helps clients understand that they are not chained by social conventions and that they are the main source of their empowerment.

VVision – Each one of has a vision for our life. We dream of the life we could have… if only. When we were young, many of us believed we could do anything, be anything we wanted to be. There was no “if only.” Anything was possible. Somewhere along the lines, the belief in the possible gave way to the beliefs that we can’t do and can’t be. It’s even led some of us to give up on even trying to obtain what is truly possible. The REVEAL Coach helps eliminate the limiting beliefs, so you can recapture your dreams and find ways to fulfill the vision you have for your life.

EEngagement – We can succeed when we’re fully engaged and committed to the outcomes. Leading a meaningful life takes continuous effort. The obstacles we encounter along the way can be discouraging and push us to give up. However, finding meaning in life is not a destination, but an exciting journey to be experienced again and again. The REVEAL Coach works with clients to bring to light their hopes, dreams, and mission in life and acts as an accountability partner as requested.

AAwareness – Through self-awareness we’re able to understand ourselves and accept others. Throughout life, we are indoctrinated with social conventions which influence the way we perceive ourselves and the world. Some of these social conventions align with our internal values and beliefs, while others do not. When we separate social conventions from our core values, we become self-aware and are better able to fulfill our inner most desires. Self-awareness also leads to a shift in perspective in terms of our relationships. We being to realize that the way we view others is a reflection of ourselves and not the other person. Self-awareness allows us to view differences with openness and acceptance. The REVEAL Coach helps clients become mindful of their viewpoints, so they can shift their focus on maximizing their strengths and accept individuals for who they are and not who they want them to be.

LLearning – Becoming life-long learners allows us to continually grow and improve. Life is a series of successes and failures, each with the potential to be powerful learning experiences. We cannot change the past. However, we can choose to learn, adapt, and meet the present as a new opportunity to be explored. The REVEAL Coach helps clients change perspective, which keep them stagnant and fearful of embracing new situations, to learning opportunities, which can lead to self-actualization.

Along with the REVEAL Coaching Model, those at Backbone America follow the ethics and regulations outlined by the International Coach Federation, which can be found here.

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