Small Business Coaching Traits to Consider in a Hire


Whether you are thinking of taking on a new employee, growing your business, or overcoming some other business obstacle, small business coaching can make a positive impact on your company. A small business coach’s job is to help their clients get on the right track and put in place necessary processes to ensure that business goals are achieved. Therefore, with that put into consideration, it is clear to see why we need coaches in our lives more than we may think. The question that lingers in most peoples’ minds is how to go about the entire process. How can I hire a coach and what factors should be considered? Here are some key small business coaching traits to consider in a hire:

Identify why you need a coach.

The fact that you are already looking for a small business coach means that there has to be a burning issue that you’ve struggled to tackle alone. It is advisable to write down these problems on a piece of paper for your own evaluation. This will show you the kind of areas you need help and clarification. It will be easy to decide on the kind of coach you need for the job having highlighted all the burning questions.

Find a coach that suits your problem.

Some coaches have specialized in various fields, for example; you may find one that deals with executive leadership or specializes coaching for women. This is why it is important to look for a coach that suits your needs. It will make work easier and give you a sense of assurance that your needs are well taken care of and are in the hands of a professional.

Find someone whom you easily get along with.

Keep in mind that, for the entire coaching process to be successful, interpersonal conversations must be conducted. This is the only way your coach will understand you and your goals better. Therefore, creating a good rapport between the two of you is very important.  Looking for someone whom you bond perfectly with will not only create a lasting friendship between the two of you but also guarantee good results.

Make sure you ask about the fee.

It is advisable to always ask on how much you will be charged and the kind of small business coaching services to expect. The best way to go about it is to make sure that you ask as many questions as possible for clarification purposes. You’re looking for transparency. Surprise bills are no fun.

Conduct different interviews before you settle for the one you want.

This will help you know each and every candidate’s personal experience. This basically means that, you should seek a coach that is experienced in the field you want small business coaching, for example; if you are planning on getting a coach to improve your skills in business management, it is advisable to consider a coach who is already in the business industry. Although this doesn’t mean that having coaches experienced in other fields is a bad idea, however, it applies where matters of credibility and service quality are of great importance. Coaches from the same field of interest as you will give out better results.

Keep a look out for coaches with good ratings.

You need to find a candidate that has visible proof of professionalism. This information can be obtained from either referrals from previous clients, testimonials on their personal websites or checking whether they have any awards and recognition from renowned organizations on their resumes.

Check the background of the coach you intent to hire.

A coach that has a wide range of professional background is also an added advantage. This means that he or she is well experienced in dealing with different kinds of coaching, therefore qualifies as more knowledgeable and experienced. These extra skills will go a long way in bringing in new experiences to the coaching process.

Make sure you check on the academic qualifications and certifications.

All coaches should prove their level of qualifications before offering any services. Make sure you know your coach really well. Coaches should at least have a fundamental coaching foundation or knowledge in Psychology as one of the qualification requirements that allows them to carry out any coaching practices. Ask the coach which coaching programs they’ve attended or if they’ve met the requirements specified by professional coaching agencies, such as the International Coaching Federation.


Integrity is a crucial personal trait you ought to look out for not only when hiring a coach but also through every other aspect of business. This will ensure that there will always be realistic and honest feedback. Good personal traits from your coach will ensure productive coaching sessions.

The kind of personal coach you hire will strongly determine the kind of results you get in the end. This is not something you do lightly, remember that you are entrusting someone to guide you through a journey with no assurances, so make sure you choose wisely. Look for someone you would be comfortable talking to, someone who will be open and candid  with you, someone qualified to listen and provide proper advise that suits your problem. Never forget to ask as many questions as you possibly can.


What other qualities do you expect to find in small business coaching services?