African American Quotes: Madame C.J. Walker

Quote Madame CJ WalkerI hear a lot of excuses from people for why they don’t start the business of their dreams. I don’t have time because I’m working so many hours at my job. OR I don’t have enough money to start a business. OR I don’t know enough to get started. I imagine some of you are thinking right now, that’s my reason and it’s totally valid.

Well… if you say so. If you believe it’s a valid reason and completely legit, then it is. Whatever you believe about yourself is the truth. If you can’t succeed, then you can’t. However, I guarantee, there are people with similar challenges that exceed yours who can do exactly what you won’t empower yourself to do.

When I came across this quote by Madame C.J. Walker, meshed with me.

I got my start by giving myself a start.

~Madame C.J. Walker

Often times, we put limitations on ourselves. We believe we can’t because of some challenge. When in fact, challenges are there to overcome. If we don’t give ourselves the permission to achieve success, how can we expect others to give us a chance?

It’s the same situation when I choose clients. I believe in achieving the so-called impossible. However, my clients have to come with some faith in themselves first. That’s how coaching works. It focuses on helping those who believe they have the power to achieve. The thing is, if you don’t believe you have any chance of success, why would you waste your time?

Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. And never, ever stop trying to achieve.