How to Find Your Passion for Owning a Business

wavy-haired-woman-listeningI know owning a business isn’t for everyone. We have to have worker bees somewhere, right? However, I can’t help but wanting to put the spirit of entrepreneurship into every Black Woman that I meet. Well, not every Black Woman… but most. Why? I find business ownership is a way to take our careers into our own hands. So… let’s to about how to find your passion for owning a business.

Is your career what you want it to be?

The turning point for me turning Backbone America into a business was because my career wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I was disenfranchised with the idea that I could sit in a cozy job for 10, 20, 30, 40 years and retire with a nice fat pension. I knew if I wanted something different, I had to do something differently than what I was already doing.

How is your career working for you? If it’s not going the way you want, maybe it’s time for a change.

How much control do you have over your career direction?

Woman in Living roomI’m a renaissance woman. If you go to anyone in my last position, they will tell you that Renee is always looking for learning opportunities. Really, there’s not enough time in the day, week, month, years to come for me to learn everything I possibly want to learn in this lifetime.

I’ve got to be straight up with you. My last position was working at a university that provided me free tuition to take 3 classes a year. You better believe I took advantage of it. In fact, I tried to squeeze in an additional class a year at my own expense.

However, at the end of the day, my employer paid me to do a specific job. That meant, all the useful skills, education, and experience I learned in the classroom had a lot of potential to be untapped on the job. Being my own boss, means I’m able to put those skills to use when and how I want. As I hire employees, there are even opportunities to pass on those skills and delegate.

What are you not doing that you’ve always envisioned yourself doing?

woman-in-front-hallway-fixing-young-girls-dress-and-smilingOwning a business offers so much flexibility. It’s the type of flexibility that allows you to do the things you’ve always dreamed of doing and live the life you’ve always imaged you could live. I get to be there for my kids whenever they need me… no questions asked. No permission needed from a boss.

For those who’ve dreamed of a rich and fabulous life, business ownership offers the potential for unlimited income. Yes. That’s right. Unlimited income. I know some of you might be thinking, yeah right. However, I’ve yet to encounter a business that isn’t scalable. Usually, in the scalability piece… the expansion, businesses start to see that unlimited income potential come to life.

Has the thought of owning a business ever been even an inkling in your mind?

If it has, what’s holding you back? I’ve heard so many excuses… time, money, age, other commitments, etc. I guarantee, the timing will never be perfect to own a business. Living an imperfect life is the nature of things. In order to achieve our vision, we simply have to go after them despite the roadblocks and barriers.

Your passion for business ownership comes from deep down. It comes from allowing your vision of the life you truly deserve come to the surface. Allow yourself to entertain the possibilities. Think about what your life could and will. Mentally concentrate on the steps that will lead you to the life. It’s up to you to take those steps out of your dreams and bring them to actualization.


If one of those steps is owning a business, start it. Don’t let challenges hold you back. Let your dream life drive your passion for owning and running a successful business. Let it be your fuel, and you’ll find the passion.