US Business Funding Workshop

Over the past couple of years, I’ve talked with quite a few entrepreneurs about their need for US Business Funding. Like you, they have fantastic business ideas. Yet sometimes those business ideas are costly.

Working with me personally to obtain US Business Funding for your company can cost thousands of dollars.

For some, the price tag can be discouraging. I’m not here to discourage anyone. I want us all to succeed.

As Paul Wellstone said

We all do better when we all do better.”

That’s why I’ve been working diligently to put together a program that’s affordable for just about everyone. It’s called….

Get Your Business Funded
10X Your Money in 8 Weeks

US Business Funding

In this self-paced program, I walk you through the US Business Funding process, so you can:

  • Assess your financial position
  • Remove barriers to funding
  • Position yourself for funding
  • Find funding opportunities
  • Leverage your money

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Program Details:

Week 1: Assess the Situation

During this week, we’ll look at how prepared you are to obtain funding and how to improve your financial position.

Week 2: Document Company Basics

Much of the information we cover in this week is already in your head. Now it’s time to put it to paper.

Week 3: Identify Marketing Strategies

Having money to start your business isn’t enough. Investors want to know how you’ll make more money. During this week, we’ll do just that.

Week 4: Develop Financial Projections

A profitable business all comes down to the numbers. In week 4, you’ll show how you make your business work financially using easy-to-use spreadsheets.

Week 5: Finalize Business Plan

All the previous work you’ve done over the week comes together here. You’ll take all the information and number crunching and put it together to create a Business Plan and One-Page Pitch. Best of all, I provide you the templates provided!

Week 6: Gather Supporting Documents

By week 6, you’re just about ready to make the big ask! You’ll collect a few stray pieces of information that’ll shore up your application.

Week 7: Research Funding Opportunities

Awesome that you’re prepared to get funded, but where do you find the money? I’ll show you in week 7. This is where you’ll uncover easy to miss sources of funding and prepare to tap into them.

Week 8: Submit Funding Applications

We wrap up the 8 week training program with the application process. I’ll share with you tips on how to increase the chases of getting your applications approved. When I found out some of these strategies, they even had me asking, “You can do that?”

BONUS Week 9: Best Practices

There’s more to funding than getting funding. Not only do I want you to obtain the money you need for your business, I also want you to succeed with it. That’s why as a final gift, I’ll provide you with some best practices to consider for when you do get funded.


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