African American Quotes: Faye Wattleton

strong-african-american-womenI’m not sure if sharing African American Quotes is going to be a regular thing for me. However, I’m finding them so uplifting, I’m going with it for now. One particular quote that struck me was one from Faye Wattleton, who is the first African American and the youngest president elected to Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

I do not make any apologies for my manner or personality. I come from a long line of very strong, black African-American women who neither bend nor bow. I haven’t had very good modeling in submission. ~Faye Wattleton

She was given quite a bit of flack for breaking from the “traditional” personality standards set for a woman in our society. Like many women in leadership positions, who demand excellence from those she works with, she was dismissed as “imperious.” It’s interesting to earn a position of leadership as a woman, but then have society attempt to strip you of that authority due to gender… or even other discriminatory ways, for that matter.

Faye Wattleton refused to conform, and instead stuck to her convictions of high standards and led with the authority of a leader that superseded her gender.

My takeaway from her quote and her actions is to be oneself. Society may push back, but we have a right to be comfortable in our own skin. Be all that you can be and reach your potential… exceed expectations.

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