African American Quotes: Arthur Ashe
Racism Is Not an Excuse-01-min

Discrimination is live and well. It’s been around well before we were born. It’ll likely be around decades from now. The bottom line is it’s nothing new. Then again, neither is success.

Arthur Ashe said it well:

Racism is not an excuse to not do the best you can.
~Arthur Ashe

For generations Black Women have been paving their own paths to successful lives. I think of women like Madame J Walker, daughter of slaves, who built a beauty empire. Or, Clara Brown, born a slave, and grew a laundry successful laundry business and invested her proceeds into mines and land. For a more modern representation, we have Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first Muslim-American Women to win an Olympic medal, all while keep observance of her religious tradition of modesty.

We all have our stories of trial. However, our stories don’t need to be excuses of why we cannot… Rather, keep your stories close and let them remind of all you’ve accomplished regardless of the hardships. You’ve come a long way, and there’s still plenty of road to travel.