Angelique Kidjo QuoteI like to do African American Quotes, especially those by women. However, this quote is so simply and lovely, I can’t help but share it. I don’t believe Angelique Kidjo is actually American, even though she lives in New York. She’s actually from a country in Africa, called Benin.

We, as business owners, know running a successful business isn’t perfect. We’ll have our ups and downs. I think of the number one lesson I teach my kids when they go skating for the first time. “If you fall down, get back up right away.” I stress the importance of not dawdling when they fall. One of the most dangerous places in the skating rink is laying on the floor. You’re just asking to get skated on. So, Angelique Kidjo’s quote really resonates with me.

You can fall, but you can rise also.
~Angelique Kidjo

Life isn’t perfect. You will have trials. You will make mistakes. You will falter. When those moments come, simply pick yourself up again and give it another go.