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5 Key Elements to Turning a Bank “NO” into a “Yes!”

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Are you struggling to find funding for your new business?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with an ideal to start a company or you’re a business owner ready to expand, I’ve got answers. Sign up to watch my on-demand webcast where I share with you the 5 Key Elements to Turning a Bank “NO” into a “YES!

  • Leverage your funds

  • Understand what lenders want

  • Know where to go for money

  • Approach investors with confidence

Increase your chances of receiving funding approval the first time

Uncover the essential pieces of the puzzle you need to attract investors.


This lady is amazing at helping entrepreneurs like myself…she has great insight and encourages you to stay focused on goals…adjust your business plan as needed…keeping a positive force in the face of trials and guiding you to the right resources for small business!

Kimi Fischer, Kimi's Food Services

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Register for Startup Business Lending: 5 Key Elements to Turning a Bank “NO” into a “Yes!”

Who Benefits Most from this Webcast?

Entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business

Entrepreneurs who want to increase their chances of  obtaining funding approval for their business

Entrepreneurs who are looking for  sources of funding for their business

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80-Minute Webcast, Packed with Useful Information

By the end of the webcast, you will walk away with all you need to know to increase your chances of getting investors to say “yes!” to your business proposal!

  • Quick action steps you can implement immediately to prepare for funding

  • A host of places you can go for legitimate funding, beyond traditional bank lending

  • Real examples of how others used the resources they currently had to obtain funding

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I started working with Renee through the Strom Center for Entrepreneurs. I came in to her office with an idea for a business and a marketing plan, but that was about it. Renee helped me every step of the way, from financial analysis to creating my website. She offered advice when I was on the wrong track and helped me create business methods I didn’t even think about.

Even though I know I was not her only client, she was as committed to making my business successful as I was. I would recommend Renee to anyone in business for themselves; she has fresh ideas and is very knowledgeable in the area of making businesses successful.

Renae Polensky, Angel Advocates

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Backbone America has a strict confidentiality policy and respect your privacy. We do not sell or distribute your information. After signing up for the webcast, you will be included in our database and may receive occasional emails from us. You may opt-out of correspondence with us at any time.

Do you offer free business support?2017-06-16T00:51:51-07:00

We do offer some free business support. Visit our private Facebook group “REVEAL The Successful You.” You will meet other members of the group who are business owners or aspiring business owners. It is a collaborative community where members share tips, best practices, information, and challenges. Feel free to submit your questions in the Facebook group for the members to answer and support you on your journey.

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You may email for more information about the special offer.

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You do not have to watch this webcast all at once. This is an on-demand webcast. Simply follow the link in your registration email to return to the webcast at any time.

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This is a free webcast and provided for informational purposes.

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