Promote Employees with Good Leadership Qualities

Leadership Definition Closeup Showing AchievementI’m a firm believer of internal promotions, whenever possible. However, when it comes to leadership, you’ll want to promote employees with good leadership qualities, rather than simply choosing the most senior ranking individual. Why? Because you want the right people in the right seats on the bus.

A business needs many different people to function. It is important to place employees in positions that are a good fit for their unique qualities. Personality, experience, and capability should be taken into account. Leadership positions require a special skillset and need to be filled carefully. These are the people that will be running daily activities for the long term. It takes time and efficiency to train them properly. However, there are some defining qualities to look for that can help ensure the reliability of your new management group.


Leadership positions come with a lot of responsibilities that are not always pleasant. The ability to handle employees under you in a graceful way can be challenging at times. A good leader will be able remain calm in the face of adversity. Their demeanor should also demand respect while remaining open and welcoming to employees. The ability to keep a clear head is not something found in every employee. As such, over-reactive personalities may not be equipped to handle the challenges of leadership.

You’ll want to identify employees who put sufficient thought into daily interactions. In contrast, you’ll want to avoid promoting employees into management who are prone to rash actions. You should feel almost immediately at ease in the presence of your management. The ability to present with a calm, composed presence is an indispensable quality.


Reliability Definition Button Showing Trust Quality And DependabilityConsistency goes far beyond simply showing up to work on time. As such, consistency should be a determining factor. Keep in mind that internal promotions shouldn’t be snap decisions. Instead, employee actions should be monitored and carefully evaluated over time in order to determine candidates who should be considered for a leadership position. Look for a level of consistency that shows a dependable nature. Watch for consistency with customer and co-worker interaction, task completion, and other signs of leadership. If you have an employee you are never unsure of, that shows the same personality traits daily, and regular gets along well with others, you should keep them in mind for the next promotion phase at your company.


Blocks Spelling Trust Falling Over As Symbol for Lack Of ConfidenceManagement positions often include responsibility for money or sensitive information pertaining to the business. A strong moral character is pertinent to proper leadership. An honest account of activities and employee actions should be an expectation easily fulfilled by any leader. Honest actions set a good example for all employees working under those in lead roles, as well. Revenue intake can suffer significantly if your leadership roles are not filled with competent, honest individuals. You can increase their responsibility while they are in lower positions to see if they act with honesty and integrity, before moving them in to leadership.


Individuals in leadership roles become more efficient as time goes on. Daily experiences in the position contribute to extensive knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, the time between lack of experience and expertise can be trying, and many may crack under the pressure.  For this reason, the ideal candidate will have shown a capacity to stay on task throughout many daily mundane activities and struggles. Good management staff will be a group of team members you can depend on to stay in the position for an extended period of time. They should not be easily distracted or tempted to give up. The employees that complete many years of service within your company may be the ones that show the perseverance you’re looking for in a leader.


DictatorA bad attitude is the first thing that will cause employees to lose respect for their managers. There needs to be a balance between their show of authority and willingness/ability to listen attentively and be responsive. Leaders should also exhibit their authority without misusing it. Respect comes from the ability to connect with their subordinates, not being a tyrant. Leaders should show mutual respect to the people they are in charge of, be willing to admit when they are wrong, and learn from experiences. It is important to have a general ability to care about others. Those who apply for management only to seek power may do more harm to your company than good.

Final Thoughts

Leadership positions take a special type of personality and the desire to learn new tasks. The goal is to find a person others can easily look up to. A dictator-like personality can alienate employees and can be counterproductive to accomplishing business goals. There is no reason to have a leader that makes the work place more difficult to navigate. When negative issues are resolved and become consistent, it may be time to take a look at the management team and reevaluate. Good leaders develop over time into great leaders when they use their skills wisely.

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