3 Ways to Improve Job Performance Amongst Your Employees

Man StampingEmployees can span a broad spectrum when it comes to productivity. You might get a few gems who join your company full of motivation, ready to stamp their positive mark. Others may simply accept a position for the paycheck, while putting out a minimum effort. Regardless of which end of the spectrum your employees may lie, try implementing these 3 ways to improve job performance amongst all your employees.

Set Clear Goals and Expectations

Start by setting clear goals. Some goals can even be introduced during the interview. At a minimum, the company and employee goals, as well as expectations should be discussed during the initial employee training. And yes, you should provide initial training for every new employee. During the training, not only should you set those goals and expectation, but also share the company’s values and mission statement. Doing so will help set the culture you want your company to have.

Encourage Open Communication

As cliche as it sounds, communication is not a one-way street. As the owner, you have the final say so as to how your company will operate. However, do you allow any input from your employees? The most loyal employees are the ones vested in your business. Consider shifting from a “my business” culture to an “our business” culture. Show you’re open to ideas, as well as constructive criticism by actively listening to your employees and responding with objectivity. Doing so can show you value your employees thoughts and help create a positive work environment that breeds creativity and innovation.

Be Responsive to Feedback

Feedback CheckboxesIt’s one thing to be open to ideas and feedback. It’s another to do something about the information you receive from employees. Most employees don’t provide feedback simply to hear their voice or to get finger cramps from writing or typing. No… they give feedback because they want something positive to come out of the results. That’s not to say you have to implement every piece of advice you receive. You should at least respond, though. Talk to the employees about the feedback you receive and acknowledge it as a valid concern or suggestion. Consider having open discussions about how the company can address a particular issue. Above all, keep in mind that you don’t have to provide a solution to every issues presented. Work with employees to come up with viable solutions.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned, motivation amongst employees can range across a wide spectrum. Your leadership can play a large part in keeping motivation high and increasing the productivity of the least motivated. Poor leadership can also have the opposite effect and sap the motivation of the most Gung ho employee.

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What types of techniques do you use to improve employee motivation?