African American Woman Stressed

Business Startup Doesn’t Need to Be a One Woman Show

Starting a business can seem daunting and at times challenging. However, you don’t have to do it alone. From idea development to implementation and beyond, Backbone American excels at helping entrepreneurs run successful businesses.

Before you venture too far into your startup, I encourage you to talk to with me about how I can save you time and fast track your business to where you want it to be. I have worked with entrepreneurs through their trials and been with them to see their success. Now it’s your turn.

Running a successful business takes planning, time, and even a bit of hard work. Why make it harder than it already is by going it alone?

African American Women are outpacing all other demographic groups when it comes to business startups, yet they fare the worst.

Don’t be just a negative statistic. Stop spinning your wheels and REVEAL your path to success.

As a coach, I don’t pressure my clients to perform any particular task. Yet the consultant in me talks statistics. Entrepreneurs with business plans are twice as likely to succeed. Why? I imagine it’s about visualization. A business plan allows you to visualize the future. It makes your dreams and goals more real. I encourage my clients to write a business plan. Not only does it help give life to your business goals, it often helps entrepreneurs think through the details of their business, such as what is involved with starting a business.

One of my specialities is helping entrepreneurs develop their business plans. For those who are more of a DIY type of gal, I encourage you to visit my article which covers the components of a business plan.

Steps for Starting a Business

Step 1: Register Your Business Name

Step 2: Get an Employee Identification Number

Step 3: Write a Business Plan

Step 4: Apply for Sales & Use Tax Permit

Step 5: Get Business Licenses & Permits

Step 6: Choose a Location

Step 7: Obtaining Start Up Business Funding

Step 8: Write a Marketing Plan