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Are You Ready to 10X the Money You Already Have?

With over 170+ clients and counting, Renee Townsend has mastered the art  of helping entrepreneurs get business startup funding.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Through the 8-week Business Startup Funding Program, you gain the knowledge, tools, and resources to obtain the money you need to start or expand your business. Best of all, this comes with a Business Plan Review, so you know you’re going to investors completely prepared.

  • Assess your financial position

  • Position yourself for funding

  • Leverage your money

Get Business Startup Funding

Get Results: Your Company Deserves the Best!

Statistics show that women are less likely to get funded. You can wait around for things to change and the world to get fair OR you can be proactive and do what you need to do to level the playing field. Give your company the best foundation with the Business Startup Funding Program. 

Kimi Fischer, Kimi's Food Services
This lady is amazing at helping entrepreneurs like myself…she has great insight and encourages you to stay focused on goals…adjust your business plan as needed…keeping a positive force in the face of trials and guiding you to the right resources for small business!
Kimi Fischer, Kimi's Food Services

Go through a proven step-by-step process

Over the course of 8 weeks, Renee will show you how to 10X your money. Here’s what to expect in your Business Startup Funding program.

  • Week 1: Assess Your Financial Situation

  • Week 2: Gather Information

  • Week 3: Identify Expenses & Revenue

  • Week 4: Develop Financial Projections

  • Week 5: Find Funding Opportunities

  • Week 6: Develop Business Plan

  • Week 7: Fielding Investor Questions

  • Week 8: Contact the Right Investors

  • Bonus Session: Post-Investor Recap

Get the Business Startup Funding You Need!

Learn not only where to find the money, also remove barriers to give you the best possible chance for approval. That’s not all, when you work with Renee, she’ll also use her funding network to connect you with programs that best fit your needs!

Tatianna Byrd | Testimonials

Turning goals into reality is what an entrepreneur strives for. My experience with Renee Townsend was life changing, providing me with clear and supportive steps to accomplish my goals of owning a beauty supply store. Walking me through the steps of saving money for a business license, Filling out Paperwork, providing resources for lawyers to make sure that I was filling out the information correctly, creating a budget. During our meetings she was professional, caring, honest, followed through on tasks in a timely manner, and supportive being a great role model of how a person in business conduct themselves. Renee is a great mentor and advocate in leading people to leave behind a legancy. Due to her guidance I am proud to stay that I am taking my business to the next level by supplying salon gradeded products in which opens my cliental and targets a new market in the hair industry. Finding someone that truly cares about your future is a rare commodity. I am happy to have met her and glad we still have a great connection.

Tatianna Byrd

About Renee

Renee is a serial entrepreneur, who’s been dabbling in entrepreneurship since 1996. She founded Backbone America because she loves helping other entrepreneurs start, run, and grow the businesses of their dreams. Above all, she’s passionate about assisting startups with the creation of roadmaps that lead to successful and profitable companies.

Renee has helped over 170 entrepreneurs who were where you are right now. She’s assisted her clients with navigating forms, starting companies, creating jobs, and injecting over $1.18 million into business startup and expansion projects. As a result, her clients are able to build solid foundations that promote the healthy, financial growth of their companies.

Get Startup Business Funding with Renee
Renae Polensky

I came in to her office with an idea for a business and a marketing plan, but that was about it. Renee helped me every step of the way, from financial analysis to creating my website. She offered advice when I was on the wrong track and helped me create business methods I didn’t even think about.

Renae Polensky, Angel Advocates

FAQ about the Business Startup Funding Program

What is your Business Funding refund policy?2017-10-31T16:33:22-07:00

This service is risk-free. You have 14 days to decide if this service is working for you. If during that time, you decide the service is not the right fit, simply contact us at and request a refund. You will receive a hassle-free 100% refund.

Is the information I share with you confidential?2017-10-29T14:35:33-07:00

Absolutely! The information shared in our sessions are confidential. I take care to safeguard your information. Any and all physical documents you provide are returned at the conclusion of a project.

NOTE: Our sessions are not bound by the same laws of confidentiality as with attorney-client or doctor-patient privileges.

What is the cost of the Business Funding Program?2017-10-30T10:09:49-07:00

Your investment for the Business Funding Program is $999. Alternatively, you can go with the installment plan, which includes an initial deposit of $597 and a final payment of $497.

You will receive 8 sessions plus 1 bonus followup session. In addition, you will receive a Business Plan Review to ensure your document is ready to present to investors.

*prices subject to change.

How do I know your services are right for me?2017-10-29T14:24:23-07:00

Start with a 15-minute free (no obligation) session. We’ll talk about your needs and the services that will help you along your journey. This session is to get to know each other and determine if we’re a good match.

What are Renee’s credentials?2017-10-29T14:22:16-07:00
  • Bachelor Degree in Business with an emphasis in Information Systems.
  • Renee has a Master Degree in Psychology
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Member of the International Coach Federation
  • Working with entrepreneurs since 2013
What do you expect from your clients?2017-10-29T14:11:36-07:00
  • To complete all assignments
  • To be as action-oriented
  • To own the coaching/consulting relationship by sharing with me what is working and not working
  • To be honest and trusting
  • To be as open-minded
  • To think and act creatively
  • To be as receptive to change
  • To be as positive
  • To be willing to take risks
What if I miss an appointment?2017-10-29T14:11:36-07:00

There is a $149 fee for no-show appointments. If you have a scheduled appointment and do not think you can make it, please cancel your appointment at least 48 hours in advance to avoid any cancelation fees. You may cancel your appointment by texting, emailing, and/or logging into your appointment link and canceling the scheduled session.

What happens if I miss a week of the Business Funding Program?2017-10-29T14:12:39-07:00

The sessions for the Business Funding Program in a one-on-one format. This means we have the opportunity to preschedule the sessions to best fit our calendars. Though we will work in the order of the program, the sessions do not have to be conducted in consecutive weeks. It’s okay to skip a week and pick up where we left off.

NOTE: There is a $149 fee for no-show appointments. If you have a scheduled appointment and do not think you can make it, please cancel your appointment at least 48 hours in advance. You may cancel your appointment by texting, emailing, and/or logging into your appointment link and canceling the scheduled session.

Does my business need to be located in the United States?2017-10-29T14:13:29-07:00

Renee specializes in helping US-based business get funded. To get the most out of the Business Funding Program, your business does need to be located in the United States.

Do I need to be in the local area to participate?2017-10-29T14:11:36-07:00

No. Backbone America is a virtual business located in Henderson, NV. Though Renee does meet clients in the area and runs into them at events, all of the services provided are conducted virtually, mostly through phone, Skype, and email.

What outcomes can I expect from the Business Funding Program?2017-10-29T14:13:50-07:00

The term “outcomes’ is a rather abstract concept. Some outcomes you may benefit from by completing the program are:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the funding process
  • Being better positioned to apply for and receive funding
  • The potential to leverage your money by up to 10X
  • A greater awareness of the funding opportunities
  • Starting or expanding your business with a financial secure foundation
What are the deliverables can I expect from the Business Funding Program?2017-10-29T14:14:33-07:00

You will gain the following deliverables by completing the Guided Business Funding Program:

  • A Business Plan (including a full set of financial projections) that’s been thoroughly reviewed
  • A One-Page Pitch
  • A list of organizations where you can apply for funds (specific to your business and location)
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