End of the Year Blowout!

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2017 END OF THE YEAR BLOWOUT ENDS IN: Introducing my first End of the Year Sale! Tap into amazing programs to help you develop a firm foundation for your business, financially and organizationally. See the details below to find savings like you've never seen before and may not come again. [...]

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Small Business Coaching Traits to Consider in a Hire

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Small Business Coaching Traits to Consider in a Hire Whether you are thinking of taking on a new employee, growing your business, or overcoming some other business obstacle, small business coaching can make a positive impact in your company. A small business coach's job is to help their clients get on the right track [...]

The Best Small Businesses Start with a Vision

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The Best Small Businesses Start with a Vision Not everyone is born with a drive for entrepreneurship. I certainly wasn't. Being a business owner was low on my list of priorities for the longest time. I was content to simply be an employee. I went to work, did what I was told, then came home, [...]

REVEAL Academy Launch + Sweepstakes

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I'm really excited to announce the launch of REVEAL Academy. Back in January 2016, I started Backbone America as a simple website. About a month into Backbone America, the idea of turning into more than just a website that shared tidbits of information here and there began to play in my head. Around July, [...]

What is group coaching? Plus survey!

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What is group coaching? Many have heard of coaching... the concept of working with a professional that helps you achieve your full potential. It's often conducted in a one-on-one setting. If that's the case, what is group coaching? What are the benefits up group coaching compared to individual coaching? The list of questions can go [...]